Our Passion For Animals

making a difference

"Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever."

We donate 50% of our profits to animal rescues and shelters.

Our assistance of animal rescues and shelters starts with financial support.  The hard working staff and volunteers at these organizations do so much with so little.  We are thrilled to have sponsored dozens of fundraising & community outreach events, provided special project funding, and donated medical support in times of emergency.  We take pride in knowing every one of these dollars works to save lives.  

Our services and resources are always available to shelter facilities.

 We are also happy to provide our wide range of services to rescue and shelter facilities at little or no cost.  If there is the opportunity to use the resources at our disposal to improve or repair a shelter location to enhance the experience of staff, volunteers, or the animals we will be the first in line.  In the life-saving business we understand shelter maintenance is often times not top of mind so we are always glad to make an impact where we can.  

We help animals in any way we can.

 Our support of animals doesn't stop there!  We have even outfit our vehicles with stray animal rescue kits to allow our team to more easily bring loose pets to safety.  Our fleet is also routinely used for animal transport between shelter and rescue locations, and it isn't uncommon for our office to have a dog or two (or more) when the need arises.  Every member of our team is dedicated to making this a better world for animals. 

Senior & disabled dog ramps

We aim to keep pets safe and comfortable in their homes.

 If you have a senior or disabled canine in your home who needs some aid getting around, we are ready to help.

To make the greatest impact, we are only asking that you donate to your favorite animal rescue, shelter, or welfare organization and we will construct and install a custom ramp for your dog at NO CHARGE! There is no expiration on this offer and we ask that you donate only what you can.

Senior dog enjoys her custom ramp

animal assistance and dog ramp request

Are you a pet owner or animal rescue/shelter needing help? Let us know!