A cedar stained deck with a pergola for outdoor leisure
Decking and Fencing

The Best For Your Outdoor Living Space

Looking to make the most of your backyard? We can repair, rebuild, or construct a quality product for you.

Decking & fencing

A white vinyl fence perfect for style and privacy

New Deck Construction

Looking to add a new deck? Our team can work with you on design and materials so you get exactly what you want. Our suppliers have access to a number of wood and composite materials for easy selection.

Deck Repairs and Alterations

Whether your deck is old or new, we can make the changes you are after to enjoy the outdoors. Deck structures can often be refurbished or manipulated to save money and headaches.

Deck Cleaning, Staining, and Sealing

Not only do we work on deck structures, but also refinish and seal wood decking for improved look and durability. Schedule an estimate to discuss options and find what options are best for you!

New Fence Construction

A backyard is not complete without a fence. Add privacy and security to your outdoor area with a custom fence from us!

Fence Repairs and Alterations

If your existing fence is looking weathered or damaged, give us a call! We can assess the issue and provide our honest opinion for the most effective outcome. 

Fence Cleaning, Staining, and Sealing

Just like decks, your fence needs cleaning and sealing to withstand the elements. On top of improving the look, fence refurbishing is a great option to keep your property pristine!

Making a Difference

A Ride to Safety

The Iowa Home Consulting fleet has an array of large vehicles. Normally used for carrying materials and tools, with a few alterations these vans and trucks also work great for transporting dogs! Relocating shelter animals can be helpful to limit over-capacity and provide access to new forever homes, and we are happy to help!